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  • Newsletter Docents Digest - May 2020

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Stewardship
    1999 - 2019

The Floral Park Historical Society (FPHS) Docents Digest provides historical and current news of and about Floral Park New York.

Researchers and enthusiasts pen notable citizen spotlights from the past and present, illuminating the remarkable contributions that have created Floral Park as it exists today.

The Docents Digests publishes FPHS Events and meetings for the upcoming quarter, at which speakers give live presentations and current Floral Park Historical projects are conceived, planned and celebrated.

We thank our local sponsors and welcome new sponsors for the Docents Digest - your valuable contributions help make Floral Park what it is.


For more information about our activities & FPHS collectibles, please e-mail anncorbett@corbettpr.com or call (516) 775-6849.

    FPHS Newsletters

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    • Docents Digest - May 2020

    • - West End Civic Association 100th Anniversary & History

      - Special Delivery - Postman Bill Olivet

      - Give a Cheer for John Lewis Childs School

      - Flowers & Bulbs for the Trade

      - Floral Park Birds 1909 & 2020

      - Stella Miller’s Review

      - Floral Park’s Bird Whisperer, Donald Haug, Sr.

      - The Bird Counters of Floral Park

    • Docent’s Digest – Winter 2019-20 – Highlights *

        • - FPHS President Ann Corbett writes about our 20th
        •   Anniversary & some upcoming 2020 events
          - In 1952 General Dwight D. Eisenhower visited
        •   Floral Park
        • - PBA Benefit Show Poster found - from about 1947
        •   held at The Floral Theatre with Vaudeville acts &
        •   movies
        • - Three Red Tulips on a Blue Field – considered by
        •   many to be the “Village Logo” 
    • - John Lewis Childs as a young man
    • - CL Allen hires John Lewis Childs
    • - In memory - Arthur Bradley
    • - Floral Park - Residents’ Day:
    • - The Percy Loomis Speer Collection

    Docent's Digest - Summer 2019 -  Highlights

    Jim MacDonald assists with the Village Historical Markers Unveiling
    - The Kirchner Triplets – Frances, Katherine, & Marguerite
    - Ladislav “Lenny” Jindra – An American Hero, A Survivor of D-Day, June 6, 1944
    - Boy Scout Troop 4 Floral Park celebrates 105th Anniversary


    Docent's Digest - Winter 2018-2019

    Twentieth Anniversary Edition” - Highlights
    - The Story of FPHS 20th Anniversary Floral Park Historical Marker Project – Fireman’s

      Hall, Tyson Building, Masonic

    •   Temple, American Legion, Floral Park School, 1779 House, Floral Theatre, Covert
    • - Century Old Portrait of President Ray Larimar Stokely found
    • - Remembering Bernice Hayes
    • - The Resident Directory, 1940 – A Window to Businesses of the Past
    • - NYC Fire Museum Receives 1900 & 1901 Books

    Floral Park Historical Society Collectibles

    • Ask about our collectible Floral Park History keepsakes and museum-quality floral prints, reproduced from John Lewis Childs' original seed catalog artwork... Please contact Ann Corbett

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