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The mission of the Floral Park Historical Society is to focus on public history, rather than personal family history or possessions. However, we are pleased to provide some information that may be of assistance in researching your family history.

Click on the underlined LINKS below to access recommended web site resources .


For more information about our activities, please e-mail anncorbett@corbettpr.com or call (516) 775-6849.

Please note that some of these web sites are free of charge and other web sites are paid services and require a fee.


Please refer to the PRIVACY STATEMENTS of each individual web site you visit (away from the Floral Park Historical Society web site) for details on how your information is protected or used.

The Floral Park Historical Society offers these suggestions to help in your research efforts. However, the FPHS cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information, or for any action resulting from the use of other web sites.

You may want to take advantage of the tools available on the following web sites such as the "Family Finder" and "Family History Tour" features on Genealogy.com.

Genealogy.com Tracing your family's history is a fascinating journey. This site can guide you along the way by offering how-to articles, genealogy classes and other resources that will help you find out more of your family's past. You can search millions of original source documents.

WIKIPEDIA/wiki/Family_History Wikipedia is a Free Encyclopedia that can explain and help you with any type of personal or family research. Conducting a search can be in the form of a printed document, electronic document or sound or video recording that preserves this history for future generations. You will find a list of records that are used to create and find family histories.


 MyHeritage.com  ...offers Free family history, genealogy and family search using the My Heritage search engine. Search over 1,400 family history databases simultaneously.  MyHearitage.com also offers a free Help Center for frequently asked questions. You may also download a free "Family Tree Builder" to start your own Family Tree.


Ancestry.com has also built a vast database of historical records, photographs, stories, family trees and a collaborative community of millions. Thousands of searchable collections of records from around the world can be avalilble to you.

We welcome your feedback. Let us know what your experience has been using the resources provided above. Email us at: info@floralparkhistorical.org


Additional Local Resources 


Obituaries--The Floral Park Library has microfiche records of back issues of the local newspaper The Gateway which may contain obituaries of residents or former residents of the village. 


House Information--The Department of Public Works of the Village of Floral Park maintains files on the history of every house in the village with respect to construction plans, renovations, permits, etc. Any house file can be inspected at the Public Works Department by calling them at (516) 326-6300 for further information.

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